AlphaStorm Music

My Gear

Below is a list of all my gear that I use. All the different guitars, basses, synths and drum machines I've used to make all my music.

  • Electric Guitars

Schecter C-6 Deluxe

This was the very first electric guitar I ever bought, on my birthday 2016. I've had it for four years, and it's always been by my side. It's one of my favorite instruments, and has the most sentimental value to me.

Schecter C-1 FR-S Apocalypse

This was the second high end guitar I bought. My Fender Professional Stratocaster was the first. The reason I own two is because I sent my old one (left/top) to get maintenance done. It took five or six months to return to me, so as compensation, the company I went to for maintenance gave me a second one for free while I waited. The old Apocalypse is easily my favorite guitar next to my MH-350.

LTD MH-350

There was a set of six weeks in which I went up to my nearest Guitar Center where, during that time, they had a version of this exact guitar always on the shop floor. I picked it up once and didn't put it down for a whole hour. I fell in love with it almost instantly. It played well, and was a very good price as well. You get a lot of guitar for the money.

Fender Professional Stratocaster

One of my dream guitars, up until I bought this, was a Stratocaster. And I didn't lose my dream because it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but rather because I owned it. For a while, this was a lead guitar. There are still a few songs I've done in which I used this for solos. However, now it's relegated more to a clean guitar. It doesn't work well as a lead guitar for metal. And, even then, I still use some of my other guitars for cleans instead. I'm keeping this guitar anyway, simply because I love it a lot. I just don't have much use for it.

LTD M-17

This was my first seven string guitar. I wrote a couple songs with it. Some of my earlier videos actually used it as my rhythm guitar. However, I haven't changed the strings in a very long time, and I'm really looking to get rid of it and replace it for something better. It sounds great, but the frets are very sharp and dig into my hands. I like it, but I've had my fun with it, and know I can get something... better.

  • Acoustic Guitars

Johnson JG-100-B

This is easily my oldest guitar, and is the same model as my first guitar, however is obviously not the original. I broke my original guitar one day at school when I was taking lessons because the body dried out. I was able to get it traded out for a guitar of the exact same brand and the exact same model. As far as I can tell, this guitar isn't sold anywhere anymore, but it served well as a beginner guitar. However, it is still at the end a beginner guitar, and as a result isn't all the great.


This is the newest addition to my family of guitars. This was the replacement for the JG-100-B. It was bought mostly out of necessity for the album I was working on at the time (which may or may not have released when you're reading this), simply because the sound was too 'buzzy' with my old acoustic. It sounded nice when I was playing them, so I bought it for my birthday in 2020.

Teton STC155CENT

I received this as a gift from my grandfather in 2017, and was my first classical guitar. It is one of the nicest guitars I've played. It has a warm sound and it plays great. And, it has very large sentimental value because my grandfather bought it.

  • Bass Guitars

Sterling StingRay 5

Sterling and Ernie Ball are some of my favorite music product brands. My main guitar strings come from Ernie Ball, and my first and currently only five string bass guitar comes from Sterling and both are equally great. I'm not sure if I'll ever get rid of this bass, it's just such a good instrument and has been my favorite bass guitar for a very long time.

Ibanez GSR200

I bought this the same day I bought my C-6 Deluxe; my birthday 2016. It was a used bass at a retail store that doesn't even carry Ibanez guitars unless they're used. When I found it, I played it and that's exactly all I remember about it. It had been my bass for years, but it's since become a wall decoration and hasn't been used since June 2019.

  • Drums

ToonTrack EZDrummer 2

I have absolutely no space for a drum kit, or the space for the microphones required to record drums. So I have to rely on drums machines for my sounds. And the ToonTrack drums have always sounded great. If I humanize the drums, you can barely tell they're fake. EZDrummer was the first of the drum machines I bought a very long time ago. It had been my drum machine up until I bought Superior Drummer during the week of Christmas of 2019.

ToonTrack Superior Drummer 3

I'm not sure if I'll ever buy any other drum machines. The Superior Drummer sounds are so well made and sound so good. My drums are based on a preset that came with the program, but I modified them to have very different sounds. And, I think it sounds fantastic.

  • Audio Interface, DAW & Other Peripherals

Line 6 POD UX2 w/ PODFarm

All my tones have been designed in PODFarm, which means, yes they're fake, but again, I have no space to store real amps. I'm think that at some point I'll upgrade my interface to a Kemper or Axe-FX, but for right now, I'm working with some relatively good sounds that I've developed over several months.

AudioTechnica AT2020

My acoustic guitars and vocals have been recorded through what I would consider one of the best microphones for the money next to the Shure SM57 and SM58. I may at some point replace this for a different microphone that has seen much better days than my current microphone, because the grating on the outside of the mic has been bashed and beaten and it's slightly collapsed. Who knows what I'll buy, maybe I'll buy an SM57 or SM58 when it comes to it.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 10

This is easily the best DAW I've ever worked in. Cubase by Steinberg is very well produced, has a very small learning curve which makes it very user friendly and is just one of the best programs I've ever used. I've never been angry with Cubase in my two years of using it. I will never switch from it.