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Other Tips

The other tips I can give are tips for playing guitar and bass, or YouTube tips. I'll start with the former.

  • Playing Tips

Playing and practicing guitar is a very slow and deliberate process. Don't try to rush yourself to learn, you won't ever learn anything and you'll just end up frustrating yourself. Rather than get frustrated at a piece you really want to be able to play full speed but can't, start by playing it at 25-50% speed, learn the intricacies of the part you're trying to play, and slowly speed up after that. Don't immediately jump back up to 100% or even 75%. Increase your speed incrementally, 1% at a time if you absolutely need it. Play the part at that speed several times until you think you're comfortable enough to play it faster, and then speed up after that. There is no hard and fast wast to get good at guitar, you have to take practice seriously and remember that it's a deliberate process. As a result, there aren't many other tips I can give you. Just start slow, and build up speed and dexterity over time. I don't mean to belittle, or sound rude, that is the only way to properly learn guitar and play at speeds that Herman Li or Dave Mustaine play.

  • YouTube Tips

YouTube is an ever changing platform. You have to adapt to the constant algorithm shifts of the platform. As a result, progress will be slow. You will feel burnt out at some point while you work, but you can't let that burn out take over. You can't think to yourself "I don't want to work on this today/this week". If you stop uploading for any length of time beyond two weeks, people will forget about you, unless you're one of the very small percentage of YouTubers who has such a large following of dedicated fans that they will return by the time you return after an extended break.

My main tip however is; DO NOT START WITH DAILY UPLOADS! It's hard to get into a swing of daily uploads, especially as a musician on the internet. Weekly is a far more manageable schedule and several YouTubers follow it. I've been sticking with weekly uploads for a long time, and, while the consistency initially was hard, you eventually get used to it, and you get into the swing of it, and thus is becomes easier.